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The command and control room operators must have means for communicating effectively with many teams in service across different communication channels (Analog / Digital Radio, LTE, Telephony, Intercom, etc.)

PRESCOM designed the CRITI-CALL platform to meet this need. CRITI-CALL is particularly suited to command and control centres wishing integrated communications, efficient and interoperable, without compromising reliability and safety.

CRITI-CALL allows the use of different communication channels essential for mission-critcal organisations through dispatch terminals offering great flexibility. Interoperability of CRITI-CALL also enables progressive technological migration of communications networks (eg. PMR networks to LTE).

The CRITI-CALL solution is based on an open and modular platform, all-IP, based on standards such as SIP.


PRESCOM and StreamWIDE jointly demonstrate the interoperability of LTE MCPTT broadband networks with narrowband PMR networks such as TETRAPOL, P25 and TETRA.

PRESCOM, the leading provider of interconnection gateways for heterogeneous networks and high availability communication systems for control and command centers, and StreamWIDE, a provider of MCPTT application servers, have joined their efforts and experience to showcase the interoperability of narrowband PMR networks of TETRAPOL, TETRA and P25 technologies with LTE MCPTT broadband services.

To achieve this, they have developed the first version of interconnection between their industrial systems formulating a case study based on an operational scenario of a terrorist attack in a large railway station:

  • Security forces, who are equipped with narrowband terminals TETRAPOL, are called onsite where they communicate with their authorities equipped with LTE MCPTT smartphones.
  • The plan of action requires meticulous organization and execution by a specialized intervention group, who install a tactical bubble narrowband P25 upon arrival. Their authorities, equipped with LTE MCPTT communication terminals, can listen to the communication group through the tactical bubble P25 and immediately intervene if necessary.
  • Due to the significant size of the railway station, the station security teams also need to connect with appropriate personnel to be updated on the action. They have TETRA narrowband terminals, and with interconnection capabilities are able to communicate with authorities who are using LTE MCPTT smartphones.
  • Since the synchronization of operations with the different forces on-site is essential, the authorities ask the command center to interconnect all the participants in real-time. This allows them to create a single group, LTE MCPTT Terrorist Attack, including all authorities with smartphones and all deployed units with TETRAPOL, P25 and TETRA terminals, which makes it possible to instantly inform all the players simultaneously.

This case study, based on STREAMWIDE ‘s MCPTT Team on Mission solution and PRESCOM’ s PMR LTE gateways, has demonstrated the technical and operational interoperability of narrowband systems with broadband systems and its importance in critical situations.   Audio between networks of different technologies remains of high quality (no perceptible degradation), where induced latency is low and compatible with operational requirements.

The railway station case is the first test demonstrating concurrent interoperability between narrowband PMR networks TETRAPOL, P25 and TETRA and a MCPTT application server on LTE. Significant R&D work has been carried out by both teams of StreamWIDE and PRESCOM pertaining LTE MCPTT to achieve the satisfactory results of this test. This fundamental development is the first step in the creation of gateways with more valuable functions, as it allows us to smoothly migrate to the LTE MCPTT networks of the future.


 PRESCOM is a French company, leader in delivering high resiliency dispatch centers for control rooms and gateways between heterogeneous networks. More than 400 control rooms are currently equipped with PRESCOM solutions all over the world covering multiple businesses such as public safety, fire brigades, emergency health Services, maritime safety, airports, public transport and defense.

PRESCOM, leader in Unified Critical Communications, is providing its customers with high availability solutions that are efficient and adapted to their needs, including situations under crisis circumstances.

About StreamWIDE

StreamWIDE is a leading communications systems provider for Telecom operators, Governments, and Enterprises with worldwide reach. With 15+ years of experience in developing new generation solutions; StreamWIDE has a rich product portfolio including Secure Mobile Communication and Digitalization solutions. The Paris-based firm has 8 local offices, deployments in over 70 countries across 5 continents, and over 130 customers with more than 100 million end users. StreamWIDE also produces the Team on Mission and Team on the Run platforms for business and public safety process communications and team management. StreamWIDE is listed on the Alternext (Euronext) stock exchange: ALSTW.

Fire brigades

The communication needs of Firemen are crucial because they can be vital. The PRESCOM solutions are tailored to serve their rescue and assistance missions, even during crisis situations (traffic accidents, fires, natural disasters …).

Our solutions provide operators of Command & Control Centres effective management of communications with units in the field regardless of the network types.

Our solutions interoperate simultaneously different radio communication networks (Analogue, TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25, LTE MCPTT …) and telephone systems.

Groups of users on different networks can be interconnected to establish conferences and improve coordination between emergency services. These interconnections and conferences may also be established with telephone networks.

For Command & Control Centres, PRESCOM offers its CRITI-CALL and M5S platform allowing the conversion and adaptation to different media, distribution communications, conferencing and intercom between the operators of Command & control centre, mobile radio and telephone subscribers.

Solutions used for Fire Brigades:

  • Integrated Communications Systems
    • M5S
  • Operators stations – Dispatchers
    • Omni Dispatch
    • Air Dispatch
    • SOIP
  • Dispatch Consoles
    • Nano Touch
    • Micro Touch
    • Ester Touch
  • Gateways – PMR-LTE
    • TACTICOM inter2
    • TACTICOM RadioSite
    • TACTICOM Datacenter
  • Radio IP Gateways
    • IBISCUS 3G
  • Recorder
    • Recorder PRO
  • Video communications
    • InstantView

Prescom also proposes the ESTERNET solution to equip Emergency Centres or Mobile PCs. These solutions are based on the ESTER TOUCH console and TETRAPOL or Analogue IP radio gateways.

PRESCOM’s M5S solution is certified NF399 Civil Security Software by Infocert.

Public Safety

The communication needs of Public Safety organizations are critical because they can be vital. The PRESCOM solutions are tailored to serve the missions of these organizations, even during crisis situations (riots, natural disasters, fires …).

Having successfully integrated these issues in our solutions from the design level of our products and our organization, PRESCOM became the French leader for Public Safety for the provision of integrated communication systems; Communication systems for command centres, IP gateways and operator stations.

Our solutions allow operators to monitor and operate simultaneously heterogeneous telephone and radio communications in a reliable and efficient way.

  • Network management TETRAPOL, TETRA, Analog, LTE MCPTT
  • Reliable and effective communications,
  • Multi-agency coordination,
  • gradual migration (Analogue – digital – LTE)


Our solutions solutions acording to organisations: