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PRESCOM announces the availability of TACTICOM V2, the new software version of its product portfolio of PMR-MCPTT gateways. This new version is enriched with features that improve interoperability between PMR and MCPTT (Mission-Critical Push To Talk) networks.

TACTICOM V2 integrates several new technical components such as SNMP supervision, virtualization support (VMWare) and audio level adjustment.

TACTICOM Datacenter, a gateway for interconnecting a PMR network on the core infrastructure, also integrates the functions of PMR Talker Identification Transmission, PMR Distress Calling and PMR Group Merging to a MCPTT server.

TACTICOM V2 supports new hardware including:

– PASSBER (TACTICOM TETRAPOL), a gateway interconnecting TETRAPOL radio mobiles to an MCPTT server;

– TACTICOM Intervention4, designed to interconnect four PMR groups to an MCPTT service in complete autonomy.

The other products in the TACTICOM product portfolio (TACTICOM RadioSite and TACTICOM Intervention2) also benefit from the software upgrades in this new version.

TACTICOM gateways ensure interoperability between PMR networks and broadband networks based on LTE (4G) technology. The gateways are connected to MCS (Mission Critical Services) application servers following the standards defined by 3GPP.


About PRESCOM: PRESCOM is a French manufacturer of high availability communication systems for the control and command rooms of organizations for which communications are critical. With more than 30 years of experience and multiple significant references, PRESCOM equips more than 400 control rooms for Civil and Public Safety, Maritime Safety, Airports, Public Transport and Defence (…) and is present in many countries: France, Switzerland, Belgium, Mexico, Canada, Ivory Coast…


Date: 03/03/2020