Studies and design

Our ‘studies and design’ offer is for users who need a customised solution but also manufacturers who want to develop a product or solution rapidly from existing software and hardware bricks so as to remain concentrated on the added value of their core business.

PRESCOM’s technical teams design and develop products, applications and telecommunication solutions based on the most recent technologies in processing voice and data signals (echo cancellation, coding, compression, soundproofing, etc.), signalling and protocol conversion (telephone, radio, IP, etc.), multimedia network management and design of high availability systems and their technology.

The hardware and software developments made by our teams are used to:

  • adapt to different media (use of codecs),
  • switch and distribute communications,
  • create diverse conferencing mechanisms,
  • create interoperability between diverse networks (telephone, digital radio, analogue radio)
  • create an interconnection with analogue and digital radio networks
    (PMR, Trunking, TETRAPOL, TETRA, DMR)
  • create applications for operator stations.

Our teams can manage all or some of the following services:

  • General and detailed specifications,
  • Design,
  • Approval,
  • Operational maintenance,
  • Obsolescence management.