Public transport

Public transport network operators must provide continuity of service with a high level of safety for users and maintenance teams. The rapid processing of incidents, application of safety procedures and coordination of operations are decisive.

Prescom’s solutions enable public transport operators to interoperate and use all their communication resources (analogue radio, digital radio, telephone, interphone system, etc.) simply from a single safe solution.

These solutions, which can be customised, equip centralised control stations (PCC) and make communications smoother between mobile equipment and the maintenance teams. They enable interoperability between diverse radio networks, and thus the use of mobile units irrespective of the type of radio technology used (analogue UIC radio, aero VHF, UHF, TETRA, DMR, etc.). This interoperability also makes it possible for a gradual migration of the communication resources of mobile units without breaking communications with the Control Centres.

Our systems can interface with the operational support systems and role servers used by operators to control traffic efficiently.

PRESCOM proposes the M5S solution to transport network operators. They enable conversion and adaptation to different media, switching, setting up conferencing and interphone systems between the operators of control rooms, radio terminals and telephone networks. M5S ensures interoperability between diverse networks (encrypted or not): analogue and digital radio networks (TETRA, DMR, Analogue PMR, etc.) and analogue-digital public-private telephone networks.

M5S is a highly modular solution that can equip a PCC that manages only one line to a PCC managing the transport for a large urban area.