Emergency medical services – Hospitals

The communication needs of Emergency Medical Service are crucial because they can be vital. The PRESCOM solutions are tailored to serve their missions, even during crisis situations (traffic accidents, demonstrations, natural disasters …).

Our solutions provide operators of Command & Control Centres effective management of communications with units in the field regardless of the network types.

Our solutions interoperate simultaneously different radio communication networks (Analogue, TETRA, TETRAPOL, P25, LTE MCPTT …) and telephone systems.

Groups of users on different networks can be interconnected to establish conferences and improve coordination between emergency services. These interconnections and conferences may also be established with telephone networks.

For Command & Control Centres, PRESCOM offers its CRITI-CALL and M5S platform allowing the conversion and adaptation to different media, distribution communications, conferencing and intercom between the operators of Command & control centre, mobile radio and telephone subscribers.

Solutions used for Emergency Medical Services:

  • Integrated Communications Systems
    • M5S
  • Operators stations – Dispatchers
    • Omni Dispatch
    • Air Dispatch
    • SOIP
  • Dispatch Consoles
    • Nano Touch
    • Micro Touch
    • Ester Touch
  • Gateways – PMR-LTE
    • TACTICOM inter2
    • TACTICOM RadioSite
    • Direct TACTICOM
  • Radio IP Gateways
    • IBISCUS 3G
  • Recorder
    • Recorder PRO
  • Video communications
    • InstantView

PRESCOM’s M5S solution is certified NF399 Civil Security Software by Infocert.