The communication needs of the Police force are crucial as they can be of vital importance. The systems must be adapted to and support the missions of these organisations, at any moment, including during crisis situations (riots, natural catastrophes, fires, etc.).

Our solutions allow the operators of Police Information and Command Centres to manage communications at any moment with their units on the ground whatever the type of network.

Our solutions enable operators to supervise and simultaneously operate different radio and telephone communications (analogue, TETRA, TETRAPOL, APCO, etc.).

Groups of users on different networks can be interconnected so as to set up conferencing and improve coordination between the emergency services. These interconnections and conferencing can also be set up on the telephone networks.

For the control & command centres, PRESCOM proposes its M5S platform enabling conversion and adaptation to different media, switching, setting up conferencing and interphone systems between the operators of command rooms, radio terminals and telephone subscribers. M5S ensures interoperability between diverse networks (encrypted or not): analogue and digital radio networks (TETRAPOL, Analogue PMR, etc.) and analogue-digital public-private telephone networks.