Public & civil security

The communication needs of Public and Civil Security organisations are crucial as they can be of vital importance. The systems must be adapted to and support the missions of these organisations, at any moment, including during crisis situations (riots, natural catastrophes, fires, etc.)

Having been able to incorporate these issues into our solutions right from the design stage of our products and organisation, Prescom has become the leading company in Public and Civil Security for supplying integrated communication systems; radio channel controllers, IP gateways and operator stations.

Our solutions enable operators to supervise and simultaneously operate diverse radio and telephone communications reliably and effectively.

  • Management of TETRAPOL, TETRA, Analogue networks
  • Reliable and effective communications
  • Multiple agency co-ordination
  • Gradual migration (analogue – digital)

Our solutions according to activity:

  • Police
  • Fire brigade
  • Emergency medical services