The port authorities provide a leading role in traffic safety. The PRESCOM communication solutions are tailored to the tasks of port authorities as they respond in all respects to the requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) Maritime Safety and Ports requirements.

Our solutions not only manage all Maritime radio communications, but also provide functionality helping exploitation; interoperability with telephone calls, sending and receiving messages DSC (Digital Selective Calling), Space Listen associated with different radio relay, multiple communications management, automatic safety messages broadcast, plus an ergonomic user interface.

PRESCOM offers the most comprehensive communications solutions available for the Safety of Ports and comply with the safety requirements set by international organizations.

Solutions used for Ports:

  • Integrated Communications Systems
    • iMSARcall
  • Operators stations – Dispatchers
    • SOIP-Maritime
    • Omni-Dispatch
    • Air-Dispatch
  • Desks – Dispatch Consoles
    • nano Touch
    • micro Touch
    • Touch ester
  • Radio IP Gateways
  • Recorder
    • Recorder PRO
  • video communications
    • InstantView