Infrastructure operators

Communications with the operational teams are critical for managing and ensuring the availability of the public service infrastructures at all times, including crises (storms, flooding, etc.). The operational teams are generally located over a wide territory and use a variety of communication methods depending on the teams and regions.

Hence, the communication systems integrated by Prescom for control rooms can communicate transparently with many systems (analogue radio, TETRA, DMR, Telephone, GSM, Satellite, etc.) and, coupled with decisional support systems for operators, make smooth, incident-free operations possible.

Our systems improve the coordination of operations through communications between Control Centres and teams on the ground, particularly when it is necessary to set up conferencing with government agencies.

PRESCOM proposes the M5S solution for infrastructure operators, enabling conversion and adaptation to different media, switching, setting up conferencing and interphone systems between the operators of control centres, radio terminals and telephone subscribers. M5S ensures interoperability between diverse networks: analogue and digital radio networks (TETRAPOL ANTARES, POLYCOM, Analogue PMR, etc.) and analogue-digital public-private telephone networks.

Prescom also proposes the ESTERNET solution to equip local Control Centres or Mobile PCs. These solutions are based on the ESTER TOUCH console and TETRAPOL or Analogue IP radio gateways.