Above any other institution, military organisations need reliable and secure communications across a variety of vectors and which can be relied upon at any time, whatever the theatre of operations.
The communication systems integrated by Prescom can meet these extreme constraints. Our flexible solutions can equip command rooms just as well as deployable systems that can be rolled out very rapidly.

The many communication vectors (analogue radio, TETRA, DMR, telephone, GSM, Satellite, etc.) are used transparently and support encrypted communications.

PRESCOM proposes the M5S solution for the command centres, enabling conversion and adaptation to different media, switching, setting up conferencing and interphone systems between the operators of control centres, radio terminals and telephone subscribers. M5S ensures interoperability between diverse networks: analogue and digital radio networks (TETRAPOL TETRA, DMR, VHF, UHF, etc.) and analogue-digital public-private telephone networks.

Prescom also proposes the ESTERNET solution to equip deployable or local Control Centres. These solutions are based on the ESTER TOUCH console and TETRAPOL or Analogue IP radio gateways.