Communications in airports are varied and critical. They must be routed and used very rapidly, comply with safety procedures and have a high level of availability.

Prescom-integrated communication systems for control rooms and towers can communicate transparently and efficiently with many systems (analogue radio, aero VHF, UHF, DMR, TETRA, TETRAPOL, telephone, etc.).

  • Management of aeronautical and terrestrial radio channels,
  • Management of telephony,
  • Integration of interphone and announcement systems
  • Customisation of functions and human-machine interfaces
  • Integrated operator stations
  • Operating consoles
  • Network interconnection
  • Integrated fallback modes

They provide an adapted solution for managing all an airport’s communications.

Our systems enable operations to be coordinated more smoothly by making the different communication vectors interoperable.

Our integrated systems can optimise operating costs through a reduced number of systems and a high level of availability.